Our product are as follows which are mainly used to Manufacture any type of Casting.


Foundry Grad PigIron

Foundry Grade PigIron are some of the principal charges material for production of GREY IRON. These pigiron comes with certified Analysis, Consistent & Uniform shape and good Recovery of Carbon & Silicon. For casting specific chemical composition is required which are present in foundry grade pigiron & composition is as follows :-

Carbon Silicon Maganese Sulphur Phosphorus
3.4-4.5% 2.5% 0.04-0.08% 0.06%MAX 0.12%MAX

Basic Grad PigIron

Basic Grade PigIron is almost same as Foundry Grade Pigiron, the diff. Is it contain low silicon, Carbon & Manganese Whose usage is specific where more hardness in casting is required and composition is as follows :-

Carbon Silicon Maganese Sulphur Phosphorus
3 - 4% 1.5% 0.03% 0.06%MAX 0.12%MAX



PCM(Pig Cast Machine) is as byproduct / scrap generated during production of pigiron whose chemical composition is almost same as pigiron but there are some impurity in it.


Is a metal solidified in the way where melting iron runs to reach at pigiron mould. It is almost same is PCM but the source is different.

Cast Iron Granuals

Is a very small peices i.e 10mm to 40 mm size of Pigiron, Pcm, Runner or any Cast Iron metal in which almost 50 to 70 % of recovery is possible after melting.


Machinery Scarp

Is a scrap which are used machinery item and basically made up of cast iron. Now it is being separated from other metal and reused by melting it.


Is a brake disc of vehicle and it being scraped & drum are the wheel base of vehicle, so both are basically made up of CastIron and being reused by melting it.


Ductile Rejected Pipe

Is a broken/full ductile metal pipe which is being rejected as a time of production and can reused after melting for any type of casting.

Ductile Runnerizer (Patti)

Is a metal which has been excess during the metal run (later it will be solid) for Ductile Pile production & is same as Ductile pipe in composition.

Ductile Iron Skull

Is a excess metal poured during the D.Ipipe production which later consider as scrap & having base of Ductile Iron Metal.

Casted Pipe

Is a rejected pipe as a time of casting in D.I. Process and later brake it and consider as the scrap.



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